Dental hygiene

We prevent carries from the beginning – Estedent – Warsaw, Raszyn 

Why should you do your professional dental hygiene
in Estedent?

Prevention is better than treating.

This sentence can be applied to any aspect of the human health, for oral health as well. That is why, good hygiene is important. With proper hygiene and regular dental check – ups, we can prevent carries. Toothbrushing and flossing is not enough in many cases, that is why controls every six months at dental office, are crucial. Depending on patients needs, we perform scaling and / or sand blasting with fluoridation.

Professional hygiene

During hygiene, a dentist or a dental hygienist cleans the teeth surfaces, especially those, which patient skips.

The procedures are:


A procedure which removes tartar from teeth by the use of ultrasounds.


Cleaning of stains and plaque from the teeth, which discolor because of dark drinks (coffee or tea), foods or smoking.

Proper dental hygiene and oral health

In case of rare dental check – ups and professional hygiene, calculus and plague accumulates, what makes teeth look unaesthetic and dark. Moreover tartar puts the pressure on gums, generates periodontal problems – loss of the bone and exposition of the roots. Neglected hygiene is a trigger for the gingival inflammation, what results in wobbling teeth and even their loss.

Poor oral hygiene also leads to carries and cavities, which should be treated with a filling, or in sever cases, root canal treatment is needed.

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What benefits gives a professional hygiene?

Regular check – ups and good oral hygiene lowers the risk of carries and a tooth loss. Keeping economic and health factors in mind, everybody should brush their teeth at least twice a day and visit dental office every six months.

After a professional hygiene, teeth are clean, free from stains and calculus. Also the breath is much more pleasant. Such teeth are lighter and whiter, what gives our patients healthy smiles.

Dental prophylaxis in Estedent

In our office we use tool for the oral hygiene, which are from the top brand on the market – EMS. We also take care about patients clothes, hair and eyes, which are exposed to get wet during the procedure. Before the procedure, a patient puts on disposable apron, cap and glasses to be protected.

In our office, during the check – up, a dentist uses x-rays (panoramic x-ray and / or computer tomography) to asses if there is any carries more thoroughly.

FAQ about professional hygiene:

After the hygiene, you should wait 2 hours before eating or drinking. For 24 hours, you should avoid dark drinks or foods which may discolor teeth. Also smoking is forbidden afterwards, because just after the sandblasting, teeth are more prone for getting discolored.

In – office hygiene and check – ups are recommended twice a year. However, there are patients who needs hygiene more frequently e.g. patients with the braces or with periodontal disease.

Yes. Hygiene for the orthodontic patients is recommended even more frequently, because toothbrushing and flossing with the braces is more difficult. The orthodontist on control appointments, check the hygiene and when it is needed, he refers a patient for the hygiene.

Yes. Even though porcelain is less vulnerable for a plaque accumulation, regular cleaning is needed to keep restorations for a long time in the mouth.