Root canal treatment (endodontics)

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Root canal treatment (endodontics) in our clinic Estedent

Irreversible pulp inflammation (pulpitis) we treat by thorough removal of infected tissues from the root canals and fill them to capacity with biologically safe material. This procedure is the endodontic treatment (root canal treatment).

Pulpitis in most cases is a result of lately detected carries or injury.

Root canal treatment in our clinic

In our dental office we use modern tools for diagnostic (CBCT, endometer) and microscope, to provide our patients with accurate and precise treatment.

Microscope allows us to look inside the root canal, check if there are any obstacles, additional canals and thoroughly fill the canal.

During the procedure, the endodontist removes infected tissues from the pulp chamber and canals in local anesthesia, rinse them with bactericidal solutions with the use of ultrasounds and fills canals with gutta-percha.

Why the endodontics is so important?

Neglecting tooth and leaving it untreated, allows bacteria to progress from root canals to the bone around teeth, destroys it and cause big pain. Destructed teeth, when the treatment is no longer possible, is extracted. Losing a tooth, causes other problems, tipping of teeth, extrusion, shifting, occlusal trauma or even temporomandibular disorders.

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Your own tooth, even after the root canal treatment is better than implant. It is also less expensive than the bridge or implant. When the tooth is properly treated, the gingiva looks good and healthy. This kind of treatment prevents tooth from pain.

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Root canal treatment step - by - step


On the first visit we discuss the patient his problem, exam tooth and make computer tomography (CBCT) to asses if there is any inflammation in the bone and the shape and amount of canals. On this basis, we can estimated duration and the cost of the treatment.


Next step is preparation of a tooth’s crown in case it is destroyed to much to put on a rubber dam and to separate tooth from the mouth. This prevents bacteria from mouth to get inside the treated tooth and solutions using in treatment not to be swallowed by the patient.


After reaching root canals, doctor removes infected tissues, cleans canals using special tools and rinse it with bactericidal solutions, using ultrasounds.


Prepared canals are filled with warm gutta - percha.


At the end we take an x-ray to make sure that the roots are filled precisely.

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FAQ about the root canal treatment:

Bacteria which colonize tooth can expand and reach the bone and destroy it. They may also reach the blood vessels and be transported to other organs such as a heart, kidneys, joints and cause pain and inflammation.

If it is possible, it is always a better solution to treat the tooth instead of extracting it.