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Teeth whitening in Estedent

Teeth whitening is a procedure which improves aesthetics of a smile. After bleaching, teeth look healthier and lighter. In our clinic, we use different whitening methods:

Why whitening is useful?

Discolored teeth, dead or dark look unaesthetic, what may cause problems with broad smiling. Avoiding laughing might be misunderstood and such person could be seen as less friendly.  This also may lower self – confidence.

Teeth whitening is a whiter and lighter smile, which looks pleasing and gives more confidence. People who laughs more often are attracting people.

Smile is the best jewelry.

Teeth whitening in Estedent:

In our office we use whitening with Philips ZOOM!® method. This is a great solution for those who suffer from a big sensitivity. Products from Philips ZOOM!® are much more gentle and safer. It is a combination of the in-office and at home methods. This gives more satisfying effect.

For the in-office whitening we use Beyond® lamp, top brand on the whitening market.

Teeth whitening step - by - step:


Before whitening, you should have all cavities treated and have a professional hygiene, scaling and sand blasting, to put a gel on clean teeth.


On the visit there is a medical interview, whether there are any contraindications e.g. pregnancy.


Next step is preparation of the oral cavity. We put cheek retractor and a flowable rubber dam to protect gums from the product. Additional a patient gets orange glasses to protect his eyes from the lamp.


When the patient is ready, a product is placed on teeth and the lamp is turned on for 15 minutes. After that time, the product is taken off from the teeth and new portion is put again for 15 minutes. Those cycles are repeated 4 times. At the end, teeth are cleaned. After the whitening, patient shouldn’t eat or drink for 2 hours. That is why it is better to eat before.


During home whitening and 2 weeks after the end, the patient should avoid colorful foods, drinks and smoking to achieve the best effect. „White diet” is recommended.

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FAQ about the teeth whitening:

No. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are contraindications of the teeth whitening.

No. Smoking is forbidden for 2 weeks after the teeth whitening. As longer a patient restrain from smoking, the better and longer lasting effect will be.

You can whiten your teeth with at least 6 months break.

This is an individual aspect. It depends on many factors, such as the initial teeth color, dietary habits, smoking. Some medications such as inhalant corticosteroids, spicy food, big amount of coffee and tea, influence teeth to discolor faster. In most cases, teeth remain lighter for life even after one whitening, but with years, the effect decreases. That is why it is a good idea to whiten your smile every few years.