Dental technologies

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CONE BEAM COMPUTER TOMOGRAPHY allows us to analyze in three – dimensions shape and volume of the bone, roots of teeth, check if there are any additional root canals, which are rarely visible in standard X-ray.


CBCT makes dental procedures such as oral surgery, orthodontics and endodontics more predictable and dentist can plan them more precisely.

This makes every procedure much safer.

CEREC - intraoral scanner and milling machine

Intraoral scanner is a great opportunity for the patients who poorly tolerate dental impressions.


Intraoral scanner with compatible milling machine allows us to make new porcelain veneers or crowns within a day.

Dental microscope

Microscope is an elementary tool in modern endodontics (root canal treatment), which allows the dentist to see root canals and make the treatment safer and more predictable.


In Estedent, we also use the microscope in restorative dentistry and prosthetics, to assess if the cavity was precisely cleaned and prepared for the future prosthetic crown or veneer.


 This tool diminishes amount of undesired effects.

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Whitening lamp - Beyond

Dental whitening makes teeth whiter after one visit. However, it is very important to keep the „white diet” after bleaching, to stabilize the effect.

Diode lamp - polymerization in 3 seconds

This special lamp cures composite in 3 seconds. This allows us to bond an orthodontic appliance in 15 minutes, cure composite much faster, so as the cement for the veneers and crowns.

DSD – Digital Smile Design

Digital smile planning and visualization of the final effect is a great tool, which allows us to consult with the patient how his teeth are going to look, before the treatment. We use it, to plan all the steps that are needed to achieve the desired effect.