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Prosthetics in Estedent

Prosthetics is a field of dentistry, which restores lost tooth’s structure, when the standard filling is not sufficient. Then we use crowns, veneers, inlays or onlays.

Also, when a single tooth is lost or more teeth are missing, we do bridges, dentures or crowns on implants. Moreover, it improves teeth aesthetics. When the patient is not satisfied with the look of his smile, color or shape of teeth, it can be improved by doing aesthetic ceramic veneers or crowns.

Veneers are restorations of the visible side of teeth – labial side, to change a shape or color. Crown is the restoration which surrounds the whole tooth.

Why it is worth to restore teeth?

Loss of even one tooth, causes other teeth to move. Between teeth, spaces open where the food particles and calculus accumulates. This results in weakening of teeth, carries and unaesthetic root exposure. Opposite teeth drift below the occlusal line.

Such teeth movement cause occlusal trauma, problems with temporomandibular joints, poor teeth stabilization, wobbling teeth and even their loss. Unaesthtic smile influence self confidence, willing to wide smile in the bigger group of people, what makes such people less pleasant.

Leaving teeth without restoration of the lost walls, makes them more prone to progress of the carries or breakage. In this situation, prosthetics is a great solution.

Smile aesthetics in a digital quality

Improvement of a smile aesthetics influences self – confidence and a quality of life and restored teeth protect each other while chewing, according to the balanced forces which prevents teeth from attrition, movement or even loss. Restoration of a tooth with a crown or onlay elongates its stay in mouth.

Sumplementation of the lost teeth with crowns, bridges or dentures alleviates chewing, what has a beneficiary effect on the whole digestive system.

IMPORTANT! In our clinic, long-lasting, aesthetic crowns or veneers are made in short time, with a huge precision according to the new technologies, using intraoral scanner and milling machine, instead of unpleasant impressions, to give our patients the best possible effect.

Beautiful smile is a great benefit in a privet and a professional life.

Choosing prosthetics in Estedent You choose:

Prosthetics in Estedent

For over 25 years, prosthetics is a leading field of a dentistry in our clinic. We focus on the final effect and permanent function of our work. That is why we use the newest material and technologies.

For over 10 years we use intraoral scanner for restorations instead of traditional impressions.

Due to digital CAD – CAM technology and design in CEREC system, our work is very precise and gingiva around teeth and restorations is in a great condition.

Digital methods allows us for shorter time of production. Instead of two weeks waiting, work can be done within a week.

Modern prosthetics - scans or impressions?

In classic prosthetics, a dentist puts impassion mass on an impression tray to the patients mouth to make a negative of teeth and gingiva.

Next step is sending an impression to the dental technician, where a plaster model is casted. On this model, the dental technician makes crowns, veneers, dentures or bridges. On every step, slight inaccuracy may happen because every material may shrink, change its shape or volume during transportation, work or keeping.

That is why, as soon as scanners appeared on the polish market, we were one of the first in Poland, who invested in scanner CEREC. Today we work with a brand new version Primescan.

Pros of an intraoral scanner in prosthetics:

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Prosthetics step - by - step

To make aesthetic veneers or crowns, the first visit is for consultation and discuss about possibilities of the treatment. On this visit, photographs are made, scans and x-rays. On the basis of those exams, the dentist prepares individual treatment plan with all costs and options of the treatment.

In many cases, before the final restorations, the dentist and the dental technician prepares mock – up, simulation of the smile to make a well – judged decision if the work satisfies his or he would like to make some changes.

After choosing method, materials and a color, teeth are prepared for the final restorations, buy using bur, to give them a proper shape for the cementation.

Prepared teeth are scanned and the patient leaves the clinic with a temporary restorations. After a week, the final work is cemented. Controls of the prosthetic work is very important, to check whether everything is in a good condition and not damaged.

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No. Porcelain restorations don’t discolor. However, when the hygiene is poor, the stains and plaque appears, which should be cleaned in the dental office by sand blasting. Composite restorations discolor and it is crucial to come for a control to polish and clean them.

It depends on the situation inside of the mouth, whether there is a malocclusion, if a patient grinds or clenches teeth, if there is any trauma. Porcelain works last for 10 and more years. Composite also lasts for a long time, however because of a discoloration, patients come back after a few years to exchange them.

A veneer is a restoration which covers only a labial / outer side of a tooth and it is placed only on a front teeth. A crown surrounds all sides of a tooth and it is used when much of a tooth structure is damaged.

In CEREC Lab it takes 5 working days to get a new restoration.