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Dental Implants in Estedent

In case of loss one or more teeth, the best solution are implants. Titanium screws placed in bone, which replace roots of the teeth. Implants can be used when that patient lost one, few or all of the teeth, what makes comfort of live of our patients much greater.


Implants are recommended in toothless jaws, to make denture on four, six or more implants. As more implants, as the bigger strength of chewing. When the implant is integrated with the bone, we can restore lacking teeth with crowns, bridges or dentures. It is important that the implant is properly placed in the bone.

Implants - Safe and effective solution

In Estedent, before the surgery, we plan the most effective place for the implant. We make CBCT – three dimensional X-ray and we plan virtually placement on the implant.

Why do we need to restore a lost tooth?

Implant is a great replacement for the dental root.

Implants give a new life

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Implants - step - by - step:


On the first visit, patient comes to consult his case. We scan teeth, take photographs and we make CBCT (3D X-ray) to plan the therapy. On this visit, patients gets estimated cost of his therapy.


Next step is planning all procedures and surgical guide. In many cases there is a need to make bone regeneration (augmentation) before placing implants, to have proper amount of the bone - what gives stability for the implant.


On the surgery day, implants, which is a titanium screw is placed in the bone. This stands for the dental root. After the procedure, stitches are put.


After 10-14 days, patient comes for the control visit and to take off the stitches.


After 3-6 months, closing screw is replaced by the healing screw.


After two weeks, we make scans for the future crown.


The last step is putting on a crown. It is important, that the patient comes for the control visits.

Our implantologists

Adam Kaczor
surgery i periodontology


The implant alone has a guarantee for many years for the breakage or damage of a screw, what is extremely rare in mouth. Implant in proper hygiene and good placement can stay in the mouth for life.

Yes. I rare cases implant may be rejected, for example when the patient does not stick to the recommendations like taking antibiotic, smoking or in case of diseases which inhibit healing. Then the risk of implant loss is greater.

No. The surgery is with local anesthesia and is painless. When the anesthesia ends, the discomfort may occur.

If the patient has dentophobia, however in our clinic, we work only with local anesthesia.

It depends on the patient and on the extent of the procedure. If the patient does not work physically, he can do his job even on the next day.