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Periodontology in Estedent

Periodontology is a field with takes care of the tissues which surrounds a tooth: bone and gingiva.

There are procedures which remove bacteria and infected tissues. We clean teeth by subgingival scaling or curettage.

Periodontology is also a regeneration of the lost soft tissues (gingiva) or bone which surrounds teeth. This saves our teeth to stay longer in the mouth.

Periodontal procedures in our clinic

In Estedent, periodontist performs even very complex periodontal treatment:

Why should we take care of the gums?

Big recessions, exposed roots is a risk for a tooth that the problem will progress. This hinder proper oral hygiene, what may result in root carries. Moreover it causes hypersensitivity of the teeth. With gums, also bone below is disappearing, what results in wobbling of the teeth, uncontrolled movement or even loss.

In case of inflammation of the gums and overgrowth of bacteria, which are harmful for the periodontal tissue, cleaning by proper procedure is recommended – curettage. Leaving inflammation not treated is a risk, that the bacteria will spread, infect other tissues or even cause necrosis – irreversible loss of the bone and gingiva.

In some cases on intraoral mucosa other diseases could be diagnosed, such as neoplasm, tumor, systemic diseases, hormonal or virus infections. Sometimes a dentist is the first to diagnose big systemic problem and refer a patient for the proper treatment. That is why regular dental check-ups are so important.

Tissues surrounding teeth are foundation. Neglected gums or bone can result even in the tooth loss.

Periodontology - way to get a beautiful smile

Gingival condition has an impact on the smile. Inflammation cause red, swollen and bleeding gums. Low level of gingiva, recessions, especially in the front region looks unaesthetic.

Proper volume of the bone, prevents teeth to stay in mouth. Covering exposed roots, protects them and diminish sensitivity. Gingivectomy, removal of the excess of gingiva, elongates crowns, what improves smile.

Corticotomy is a periodontal procedure, which speeds up orthodontic treatment and lowers a risk of recession or resorption.

Curettage and scaling are important hygienic procedures, which reduce number of bacteria and calculus inside the mouth. It is important for the patients to keep clean teeth and healthy gums.

Greater precision of the procedures

Procedures on the soft tissues, gums, should be performed with a huge knowledge and precision. That is why in our clinic they are done with the use of surgical loupes. Additionally, to achieve the best results, every surgery is thoroughly planned with the use of computer tomography (CBCT) and photography. Moreover, special instruments are obligatory. In our clinic we use the best instrument for the microsurgery.

In Estedent, periodontal procedures are performed by DDM Adam Kaczor, who was learning from the best specialists form the whole world.

Periodontal treatment step - by - step

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No. The procedure is performed with local anesthesia. However later, during healing, some pain may occur in the first few days. Cold compresses, light and soft diet and painkillers are recommended.

Smoking and drinking alcohol after the surgery is forbidden. Also hot food and drink should be avoided. Physical activity is prohibited. Post surgical area should be carefully cleaned, without using electrical toothbrush.

Yes. After healing of mucosa and taking-off stitches, patient can proceed with an orthodontic treatment.