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Dental surgery in Estedent

In Estedent, our target is to save every tooth. Unfortunately in some cases, extraction is obligatory, to maintain other teeth in a good condition. This is where a dental surgery is needed.

Cases, in which extraction is needed:

Dental surgery in the complex therapy

Dental surgery is not only teeth extraction. Some procedures are supplementary in the whole therapy, together with orthodontics, implantology or periodontal procedures.

Surgical procedures are:

Extraction of the third molars „wisdom teeth”

Extraction of the third molars „wisdom teeth” is a common procedure. In most cases, we qualify them for the extraction because of the inflammation or before the orthodontic treatment.

Position of those teeth is unfavorable because their are far behind other teeth, what makes them hard to clean thoroughly. That is why, carries progress unnoticeable and may result in pulp inflammation. Also eruption might cause pain, swollen gums or problems with mouth opening – jaw-lock.

Very narrow jaws, don’t have enough space for all teeth. Third molars, which erupts last, contribute to malocclusion and occlusal problems.

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Bone augmentation

When a patient has lost his tooth long time ago, the bone recede. Bone augmentation, regeneration, is an obligatory procedure to expand the bone volume before the implantation. That is why, the best solution is to regenerate bone just after the tooth extraction. In the tooth socket, biomaterial is placed, which imitates human bone. When the healing process is done, we have a got place for the implant. We use top biomaterials from the Biobank.


Teeth with inflammation, which are too damaged to save them with a root canal treatment, contribute to the bone loss around the tooth, bacteria accumulates and may cause swollen cheeks or gums. Extent inflammation and abscesses enables full anesthesia, that is why it is important to extract tooth, qualified by the dentist as fast as possible.

Receded bone, without the regeneration, causes its extensive loss. As longer we wait with bone augmentation, the longer, less predictable and more expensive the procedure will be.

Root resection and hemisection are procedures which save a tooth from the extraction and allows bone to remain around the tooth.

Benefits of the dental surgery:

Dental surgery in Estedent:

Dental surgery step - by - step:


First visit is consultation and diagnosis. Qualification whether tooth should be extracted or restored


Three dimensional diagnostics - computer tomography (CBCT) gives all information about the amount of the roots, their shape and position


Anesthesia to eliminate the pain. A patient can feel only pressure and touch


Extraction. A simple one can last few seconds but a complicated one can last even an hour.


Sometimes stitches are needed. Then a patient has to come for removal and control after 7-10 days

Dental surgery is not only teeth extraction. These are also procedures which saves teeth and the bone.

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FAQ about the dental surgery:

The extraction is performed with a local anesthesia so it does not hurt. A patient can feel only pressure and touch. When anesthesia finishes, some pain may occur. Than a painkiller is recommended.

It depends on the tooth’s position, the procedure may last for a few seconds, minutes or even an hour.

It depends on doctor’s recommendations. When the patient is healthy and the extraction is simple there is no need for the antibiotic.

It depends on many factors, such as general health, obeying the recommendations after the procedures (no smoking and drinking, avoiding warming the post surgical area). Also length and extent of the procedure is important. In many cases, patients are not swollen.

No. During the procedure a dentist decides whether stitches are necessary. In simple extraction, stitches are not needed.

It depends on the type of a job, whether it is physical or desk job. After more extent surgeries, regeneration is needed. After simple procedures, you can go to work immediately.