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Aesthetic dentistry in Estedent

Aesthetic dentistry in the series of procedures, which leads the treatment to achieve not only healthy, but also a beautiful smile. The easiest and the most simple procedure to achieve the cosmetic effect is teeth whitening.

Solutions in aesthitic dentistry

When the whitening is not satisfying enough, for example for a patient with discolorations after medicines such as tetracylines (antibiotics), teeth after root canal treatment or injury, we can cover them with veneers or porcelain crowns. This is also used for the patients with ground teeth, chipped, crowded, in improper position or with many unaesthetic fillings.


Veneers, are thin porcelain platelets, in a shape of labial surface of the front teeth. Sometimes it is enough to improve two or four front teeth to achieve desired effect, but sometimes cooperation of many dental specialists is needed to gain the effect which satisfies our patients and us!

Aesthetic dental treatment

If the patient has ground teeth, the process continues, which may result in root canal treatment. Those teeth, after endodontic treatment, are more prone to discoloration.


Neglected teeth, without proper treatment on time, are getting ground and the process continues, what leads to problems with temporomandibular joint. This results in clicking around the ear region, pain of the masticatory muscles or even head.


Unaesthetic look of the front teeth, might be for many people an obstacle in spontaneous smile or even talk. This may decrease someone’s self-confidence. Furthermore, this could be an obstacle in finding a job, partner or friends.


What is also important, loss of dental tissues results in collapse of cheeks, what gives an elderly look.

Smile express ourselves.
Nice smile is the synonym of luck and happiness.

Aesthetic dentistry in our clinic

Our patient receives:

Meet our experts in aesthetic dentistry!

In our dental office, this kind of treatment is proceeded by Małgorzata Dworak, who is an owner of the clinic. She specializes in prosthetic treatment of the patients. Since 2011, as one of the first in Poland, she is working with CAD – CAM system, making even 10 teeth on the one visit. She participated in many dental congresses about prosthetics and implantology in Poland and abroad.

Aesthectic dentistry step - by - step


On the first visit - consultation, the doctor is talking to the patient, taking medical history and making radiographic diagnostic - panoramic x-ray and / or CBCT (cone beam computer tomography). Additionally, the doctor takes photographs and scan teeth to have digital models. The most important part of this appointment, is the conversation about patient’s expectations and needs. On this basis, individual treatment plan is prepared. Patient receives it in a written form with all costs included in the treatment.


The doctor with a dental technician makes visualization of the new teeth, so called mock -up. This allows patient and us to assess future length of the teeth and their shape. At this stage we can correct the look of teeth by lengthening or shortening them.


Preparation teeth for porcelain veneers or crowns, final scans and sending them to technician to make the longterm work. For the time of manufacturing porcelain veneers or crown, the dentist prepares temporary ones to allow patient to function during the waiting time, until final cementation.


The last step is the delivery of the work and cementing it.

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Dead tooth is darker than a the rest of teeth, therefore we need thicker layer of the porcelain to cover the shade. If there are also other fillings in the tooth on lateral surfaces, we have to prepare tooth more extensively and less dental tissues remain, not enough to make a veneer. Then the crown is a better choice.

Yes, you can! Even it is recommended to bring back the proper shape of teeth. They are more vulnerable to rupturing or debonding. To avoid it, after prosthetics, dental splint or night guard is needed.

Veneers can stay for more that 10 years. In some cases they stay for life.