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Orthodontics in Estedent

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry, which aligns teeth by the use of braces, orthodontic fixed appliances or removable ones. In Estedent we take care of proper setting of upper and lower jaw according to each other, in comfortable position for the temporomandibular joints.


When the patients comes with problems with the joints, before the orthodontic treatment, a splint therapy is needed. This kind of therapy, prevents pathological processes to continue, stabilizes the joints and allows to set teeth is desired and safe position.

Orthodontics of XXI century

Modern orthodontics not only improve the aesthetics, but also keeps the harmony between teeth, soft tissues and joints.

In some cases, to achieve the desired effect, orthodontic appliance is not enough and we need to use additional tools. TAD (temporary anchorage device) alleviates to move tooth into the proper position safer and faster, straighten up and / or align within the dental arch impacted tooth.

Why an orthodontic treatment is so important?

Improper position of teeth:

Beatiful smile is an advantage in social
and working life.

Orthodontics - effects of the healthy smile

Properly aligned teeth:

What makes orthodontics in Estedent so special?

In our clinic we use:

Standard metal fixed orthodontic appliances

Standard porcelain fixed orthodontic appliances

Self - ligating metal fixed orthodontic appliances

Self - ligating porcelain fixed orthodontic appliances

Aligners - Pro Smile

Removable appliances for children

Hyrax appliances

Trainer for kids

Self – ligating orthodontic appliances American Orthodontics

Elastics are exchanged with lids, which don’t loose their power, what allows less often orthodontic controls. The activation can be done every 2 months instead of every month with still the same treatment time, or even shorter in some cases! Moreover the treatment is efficient, hygiene is easier to maintain and there are no parts of the braces which could discolor. 

Pro Smile Aligners –

This is a solution for the patients who don’t want to have a visible braces. This kind of treatment allows patient to take off the aligner and clean teeth thoroughly. Another asset is virtual set – up (visualization) of the final effect. Those aligners are an answer for those who are allergic to nickel.


This option is more popular nowadays, especially by the patients who live in another city or even country to visit orthodontist on appointments less often than in conventional treatment. Patient receives all aligners, from the beginning to the end of the treatment, and change sets every 12-14 days.


To accelerate and to gain more control over the treatment, we use procedures such us corticotomy or TAD (temporary anchorage device) – orthodontic microimplant or Bollard plate. 

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Orthodontics step-by-step

  1. Before the treatment, the patient comes to the consultation to talk with the dentist about the malocclusion and the possibilities of treating it.
  2. Next step is diagnostic: photographs, panoramic x-ray and / or CBCT, intraoral scans (instead of impressions) and referral to cephalometric x-ray. On this bases, the orthodontist prepares the individual treatment plan for the patient, with all steps of the treatment written down, everything what should be done before and after the treatment, all costs and estimated time.
  3. At this point patient decides whether he wants to start the treatment according to the plan.
  4. On the same or next visit, the braces is bonded – one or both arches. Then the patient comes to the appointments every 4-6 weeks, in case on self – ligating braces every 2 months or even less often in case of aligners.
  5. The last phase of the treatment is the retention phase – to maintain the effect. Fixed retention wire is bonded on the lingual side of teeth and / or the removable retainer is given for the night.

Meet our specialists in orthodontic treatment

Aleksandra Dworak

Orthodontics - FAQ

Orthodontic treatment causes discomfort, but it is very rarely painful. First period of the adaptation might be troublesome and sometimes patients use painkillers. It depends on individual pain threshold. Most of the patients don’t feel pain.

Time of the orthodontic treatment depends on the malocclusion. In most cases it is 1,5 – 2 years. Sometimes, patient need only small changes in teeth position before the prosthetic treatment. Then, such treatment lasts few months.

Yes. Nowadays more frequently adult patients and seniors come to the dental office seeking for the orthodontic treatment before making crowns, veneers or dentures. It gives proper space for the future restorations and adequate contacts between teeth.

No. It is a myth. Porcelain and metal braces has the same effect and quality of the treatment. Only the aesthetics differ.

No. Brackets do not lose their color. Only elastic elements can discolor such as chain elastic or elastic ligatures. However, they are changed on every orthodontic appointment. If the patient needs to change elastics before the important meeting or event, he can come to the office.

In the braces, you should avoid hard and sticky food. They may debond the bracket. Then the emergency appointment is required. It is also important to keep the hygiene regime and brush teeth after every meal.