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Conservative dentistry in Estedent

Conservative dentistry is treatment of carries and cavities. Lack of proper prophylaxis, regular dental check – ups, exams and a poor oral hygiene results in carries.

In most cases, patients visit our office when the cavity is big or visible and sensitive on temperature, sweet or sour, but also when there is a bad smell of breath.

Modern conservative dentistry removes bacteria and infected dental tissues and restores a tooth with modern materials such as composite or porcelain.

Why should carries be treated?

Neglecting infected tooth, results in bacteria spreading to the pulp chamber and cause irreversible pulp inflammation, which is treated by the root canal treatment.

Carries starts in the outer layer of a tooth, enamel. When the bacteria reach dentine, lower layer of a tooth, brushing teeth is not enough to remove them. Especially in children carries progress very fast and is not easy to detect. Sometimes big chipped-off part of the enamel, exposes big cavity in the dentine.

Untreated carries and lack of a tooth crown results in shifting of the opposite tooth in occlusal direction (Godon’s effect) and occlusal trauma. Sometimes even problems with temporomandibular joints.

In severe cases of carries, when the tooth is destroyed to the level of the gums or bone, the only solution is extraction.

Conservative dentistry
and early diagnosis is an easier and cheaper treatment.

Treatment in our clinic:

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Modern technologies and conservative dentistry in Estedent

About conservative dental treatment?

A dentist starts from the thorough examination of the mouth. Sometimes he makes additionally x-rays – e.g. panoramic x-ray or to assess the contact areas, not visible during regular check – up.

We start treatment with a local anesthesia. After thorough removal of carries and drying the cavity, we make a filling: direct composite filling or with indirect filling – onlay, inlay.

When the destruction of the dental tissue is excessive, sometimes it is not possible to restore the crown on one visit. In such cases we scan the cavity and on the next visit we cement such filling in one piece – onlay or inlay.

Meet our specialist in conservative dentistry

Bartłomiej Kołodziej
conservative dentistry and prosthetics

FAQ about conservative dentistry:

We perform procedures in local anesthesia to make treatment as much comfortable as possible.

Yes. It is a good idea to make one longer visit and treat more teeth with one anesthesia. This saves the patient’s time and amount of anesthesia given.